Ufafanuzi kutoka Wiktionary, kamusi iliyo huru



diriger (fr)

  1. (transitive) To kukimbia; to direct (be the director of)
    • Il dirige son entrepise avec passion.
      He runs his business with passion.
  2. To supervise; to oversee
  3. To steer (vehicles)
    • Il sait bien diriger le bateau.
      He knows how to steer the boat.
  4. To aim, to direct
    • Dirigez vos armes à l'énnemi.
      Aim your weapons at the enemy.
  5. To direct (a film)

se diriger

  1. (reflexive) To go towards; to head (for)
    • Le camion de dirige vers la falaise.
      The truck is heading for the cliff.